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We are a nation of immigrants and we need a new narrative. The world we see on stage, on TV, in Hollywood and Bollywood movies, does not represent the real world. The real world is brown, black, white, yellow, red, beige. It’s complicated. Desi Sub Culture is our take on this world. To take on this world. We make dance music. Global bass music. Whether it’s using an old Punjabi folk song as the hook for a trap beat, or using tabla rhythms to inspire a twerk workup, we come strong from our roots. We’re not just combing through sample libraries choosing random exotic sounds. We’re telling the story of our lives and sharing the music we grew up with. We are the kids of Asian immigrants. We grew up listening to Run DMC and Apna Sangeet. We celebrated Christmas like everyone else, except our big dinner was chicken curry and roti. We grew up between worlds. Our music is the musical version of ourselves, our upbringing, our identity.


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