Imani Coppola is an American songwriter, singer, violinist and producer. She began her career at the age of 18 when she signed with Columbia Records, releasing her debut album, Chupacabra, shortly thereafter. She is often associated with her Top 40 hit “Legend of a Cowgirl,” which brought her into the mainstream as an artist.

Imani has always considered herself a songwriter first and foremost and has had great success as one since leaving Columbia Records 15 years ago. She is a go-to writer for film, television and commercials, dating back to her first single, when “Legend of a Cowgirl” was a centerpiece of the Steve Martin / Eddie Murphy film “Bowfinger,” and is often a first-choice to craft songs specific to any project.

Imani has written with many successful producers, writers and artists over the years, including: THE ELEV3N, Ido Z, Mike Mangini, Mike and Keys, JR Rotem, Greg Wells, Peter Zizzo, Baha Men, Diana Birch, Tom Jones, Mike Patton and many more.

As her alter-ego, Little Jackie, she has had both a hit single with 2008’s “The World Should Revolve Around Me,” and an onslaught of film, tv and advertising syncs each year that followed.

Steve Greenberg, former president of Columbia Records and owner of S-Curve Records says, “Imani is my favorite songwriter in the world,” and currently has her writing for his newest star project, Hailey Knox, as well as his artist, Rachel Crow, who was an X-Factor finalist.

Imani's classical violin background is a major influence in her approach to writing catchy melodies that bring a timeless quality to her compositions. That, along with her smart, witty and depth-filled approach to writing lyrics, has made her a well sought after songwriter for years.


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